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You wrote your song. You practised it and refined it to its final form. You've spent hours in the studio recording your song, and your engineer has spent hours mixing and mastering it. You've built up hype and distributed it. Now you want to take on the next part of the creative process: the visual element. For a long time professional music videos have been out of reach for smaller bands. Our goal is to change that by bringing you high quality music videos at an affordable price. Having a music video is an extra form of content for your fans to engage with and makes you stand out from the crowd. Jack Gill and The Overlook perform their rendition of the classic rock song 'People Are Strange' by The Doors. The Overlook has taken the original tune and constructed a new interpretation which reflects the style of The Overlook's original songs.

Lockdown Meltdown Music Video


This documentary was directed and post-produced by Sam Hepworth and produced by Richard Talbot. The project was in collaboration with Sefton Older People’s Forum and funded by the Community Foundation for Merseyside (Liverpool)/Arts Council England; Sefton CVS Heritage Fund; and University of Salford, School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology. Sefton Older People’s Forum have been meeting weekly since 2000. In 2020, all meetings were conducted virtually via Zoom. The purpose of the forum is to bring older people together and give them a voice: becoming advocates for a better society. For the Platinum Jubilee, some members share their memories since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952.

Lockdown Meltdown Music Video

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Music Video

By investing in an music video you:

  • Express your creativity in a new way.
  • Stand out from other bands.
  • Connect with your fans beyond music.

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