Sound For Media

Whether you are producing films, documentaries, audiobooks, games, promotional content or audio ads, you want it to sound great.

Produce engaging audio to immerse consumers into the media you're creating

Film Sound

It's easy for filmmakers to overlook the importance of audio when producing their film. Endless hours of hard work are spent writing scripts, storyboarding, filming, and editing.

But when it comes to audio, often low-budget independent films can lack quality, sometimes mixed by the video editor and not a professional audio engineer. A great film can be ruined by badly produced sound, even making the film unwatchable.

We can produce your film's sound, delivering high-quality audio which immerses your audience into the cinematic experience.

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So your book is complete. You've gone through draft after draft. Rewrite after rewrite. Now you've had it published and you're looking to create an audio version of your book to expand your market and access the growing listening part of the audience.

This is where we come in. We can help you find a voice actor if you don't want to be the reader yourself. We do all the recording and the production and can even help you with distribution.

Traditional books require an active use of time that require at least one hand, both eyes and complete attention. Audiobooks free up dead time where someone may be driving, at the gym or doing laundry, yet they can still consume the book. Your audiobook can be a basic narration or can have a complex soundscape (like the example shown).

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Location Sound

On a film set, whether it be an advert, a documentary or a narrative film, hiring a professional engineer is essential to have your project sound amazing each step of the way. Hepworth Media's audio team are skilled in each phase of the production process: from boom operation to sound recordist to post production, Foley and sound design.

We have all the equipment required to cover scenarios to match your budget: whether an independent short film or a higher budget production.


Why Choose Hepworth Media?

Diverse Range of Experience

We have worked on many different types of projects across various industries within A/V production.


Hepworth Media's team are skilled in each phase of the production process: pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.


Our pricing is competitive and we aim to deliver as much value as possible for your budget.

Attention to Detail

Small details are the building blocks which take the production quality to the next level.

Going Above and Beyond

We don't just stop at A/V production, we can help you with advertising and marketing so the final project can be seen!

We Love What We Do

We have a passion for creating and love to experience the journey that makes up every new project.

Sound For Media

Starting From
£ 25 /hour
Or negotiable fixed fee per project

Choosing us to produce your sound for media, we will:

  • Build an immersive soundscape.
  • Help tell your story.
  • Complete your project quickly.

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