Live Sound

Hire a professional sound engineer who is equipped with the skills required to mix live sound for any kind of event, whether it be live music, a party or livestream.

Sound great at your live events, whether it is in person or over livestream.

Live Events

A live sound engineer can make or break a gig. It is important that the live sound engineer for your event can work quickly in a high pressure, fast-paced environment whilst still constructing a mix perfect that's appropriate for the venue and audience. It is also import for the engineer to be equipped with either the skills or the team to put together monitor mixes in order to assist the performers in their performances.

Hepworth Media's engineers are experienced in many performance-based live sound areas. We have the team and knowledge to execute any type of performance, be it music, theatre, stand up comedy or intellectual lectures and debates about philosophy and politics.


Live Streams

With the development of technology and the expansion of the internet, virtual events are becoming more common in the form of livestreams. Virtual events are also a great way for upcoming musicians to build up their audience on a global scale. Hepworth Media's team is experienced in producing and mixing for livestream performances.

By working alongside us we can help identify the perfect location that reflects your musical image. We will select the right people to take on production roles to produce a professional stream for your fans to enjoy across the globe.

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Every good party needs musical entertainment. Whether it's your big day and you've found the perfect band to perform, or it's a small get-together and you want some background music, you'll need a sound engineer. It's important that the engineer is equipped with both the knowledge and gear to make it go perfectly.

Hepworth Media has a team of qualified engineers who are trained to deliver high quality audio at any type of event and can even help with finding a suitable band or DJ if required.


Why Choose Hepworth Media?

Diverse Range of Experience

We have worked on many different types of projects across various industries within A/V production.


Hepworth Media's team are skilled in each phase of the production process: pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.


Our pricing is competitive and we aim to deliver as much value as possible for your budget.

Attention to Detail

Small details are the building blocks which take the production quality to the next level.

Going Above and Beyond

We don't just stop at A/V production, we can help you with advertising and marketing so the final project can be seen!

We Love What We Do

We have a passion for creating and love to experience the journey that makes up every new project.

Live Sound

Starting From
£ 25 /hour

Investing in an sound engineer will:

  • Have your events sounding great.
  • Ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Creating an atmosphere your guests will love.

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